The Seed

La Canela Puppet Theatre

  • Spain
  • 45 Minutes
  • Age: 7+
  • Non Verbal

You need to sow seed first to get the crop. After the seed, we need the soil, the water and the sun. So, where's the best place to plant? If we want the seed we plant to grow strongly, we should take care of it. Plants, animals and people always grow up. Doubt, tension, wishes and many other emotions grow with them. Sometimes these even prevent you from growing up and some others benefit your growth. Knowing yourself is helpful, fear is harmful, and so sow the love and reap the value. In order to be able to bring up a show, it is necessary to water it daily, to care for it, to love it, and especially to share it with others. "That's why I'm here," says our artist. She is now bringing the "Seed", which is watered and greened in different countries of the world, to the art lovers of Izmir.