Transylvania Circus

Terzostudio / Italo Pecoretti

  • Italy
  • 30 Minutes
  • Age: 7+
  • Non Verbal

Flame breathing dragons, phantom acrobats, a melancholic werewolf who can walk on the moon balancedly, and the star of the show, bewitching vampire woman who performs the art of metamorphosis… Wait, don’t be afraid! The weird and mysterious creatures of Transylvania Circus are not scary like their names. On the contrary, they are very interesting. Yes, the show begins. However, a strange noise distracts this strange circus’ performers. Is this noise, no one knows where it is coming from, a heart beat? Perhaps, love can awaken these creatures’ dead hearts. Or maybe, this is your heart beat. Do not hesitate, ladies and gentlemen! The creatures of Transylvania Circus are away from being dangerous. Even if you feel your heart beats fast, you can be sure it is not from the fear.