Edo Daikagura


  • Japan
  • 35 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Non Verbal

Senmaru, the Japanese artist who has been invited to festivals, television shows and talent competitions all over the world, is now meeting with the audience of Izmir. Our artist is an Edo-Daikagura performer. Edo, Tokyo's old name. Daikagura means “don't worry, don’t think, just feel”. In ancient times, Daikagura's main purpose was to act as a talisman to protect the people of Tokyo from evil by the name of Jingu (the tombs of Shintoism). Thus Daikagura was initially a very sacred and religious performance, but today it is staged to entertain people. In Senmaru’s performance, he wears a Japanese traditional suit kimono and performs traditional Japanese tricks with great skill. Don't even blink. You don't want to miss a single moment of this wonderful show!