Cie Sacekripa

  • France
  • 50 Minutes
  • Age: 8+
  • Non Verbal

 The group of 5 people who came from different countries in 2001 cross each other at the Circus Arts Center in Toulouse, France, after two years of education they established Sacekripa in 2003. The extraordinary, non-verbal show performed by ensemble member Etienne Manceau talks about small obsessions in daily life. These obsessions, which sometimes turn into manic and drown people in details, sometimes cause us to lose our minds. The mix of miniature circus and random clowns created with everyday objects that we all use every day amazes the audience with its performance, extreme precision, methodical and meticulous interpretation. This show has been the guest of numerous puppet and theater festivals and has been watched with great pleasure every time it is exhibited, the kind of that you never watched before. 



Date - Time Venue
6 March - 20:00 Han Tiyatrosu
7 March - 20:00 Han Tiyatrosu