Liar Righteous

Şeyler Kukla Ve Obje Tiyatrosu

  • Turkey
  • 35 Minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Turkish

Hacivat, tells to Karagöz that the rumor has been wandering all around the neighborhood that he is a liar. He also believes that for various reasons and therefore he leaves him, saying he would not meet with him any more. In order to investigate the origin of this rumor Karagöz, who was very resentful, contacted the neighborhood headman Tiryaki, the stutterer Çelebi, who was passing through the street, the neighborhood’s grocer Kayserili, Laz and the woodcutter Kastamonulu Papa Himmet. All of them misunderstand the issue and this situation infuriates Karagöz. Eventually, Hacivat comes again, and since he caused all these events, he gets his share from the rage of Karagöz. The rest is a familiar strory… A classic to follow with great pleasure and laughter.