Tableaux Vivants

Teatri 35

  • Italy
  • 45 Minutes
  • Age: 13+
  • Non Verbal

Creating live paintings on the stage, this dramatic performance consists of paintings of the famous painter Caravaggio who lived in Naples in the first half of the 17th century. Soft drapes and tense muscles. Blades, fruit and incense scent. Hanging feathers and colorful fabrics. With all these materials, the paintings of Caravaggio are recreated in front of the the eyes of the audience who is involved in a mystic and sensorial experience. One can feel, taste, touch and see Caravaggio. Performance comes from a long laboratory experience, where the leading role always belongs to the actor’s body. The target for Teatri35 is not the construction of the painting, but the research of a way of performing where the body is a mere instrument, just as a fabric or a basket. Every act on the stage is connected to a gear and all movements are absolutely necessary. Nothing happens by chance, nothing is superfluous. The dynamic of the construction strikes a balance with the rhythmic suspension of music, with the freeze frame shot of an action in progress, that forces the muscles to stretch, becoming vivid and pulsating. The performance of Caravaggio's nineteen paintings, accompanied by live Italian Baroque music from Izmir State Opera and Ballet soloists, is a complete artistic feast as visual, auditory and sensory.