Seven Goatlings

Los Claveles Teatro

  • Spain
  • 40 Minutes
  • Age: 3+
  • Non Verbal

One day, mother goat leaves her seven little goatlings at home on her way to the market with the condition of not opening the door to anyone. Warned for all kinds of outside dangers that may arrive, the little goatlings are playing at home. After some time, the ferocious wolf knocks on their door. Through various deceptions the wolf manages to get inside the house and eat the goatlings. However, the smallest goatling manages to escape and with her mother, they try to save the other goatlings from the belly of the wolf. We are rather sure that the story, being perhaps one of the most recognized of the classical tales, will pique the interest of our little audiences through Aniceto Roca’s warmhearted narration and the charm of the puppet art.