Zebra / The Strange Voyage of Domingo Gonsales to the Moon

Bubat Theatre

  • Israel
  • 40 Minutes
  • Age: 12+
  • Non Verbal

The creative, solo performance of Meital Raz, consisting of two funny stories, is an interesting example of how simple can be so perfect. The story named Zebra, in which good and bad is told with finger puppets, is like a magical book full of animation and nature films. A miniature theatre, full of extraordinary talents, encountering, coincidences, rejection, desolateness and small disasters. In the second story, which tells us about a Spanish wanderer who desires to explore new lands and gets lost in the ocean, you, too, will embark on an adventure with Gonsales, in the open sea. The fun, dynamic performance that amazes us with suppleness of tongue of the artist, is a good sample of minimalist puppet art.