Listen to the puppets…

Selcuk Dincer

Festival Director

No matter who says what, I see the separation between generations as a great danger for humanity. Where did these letter based generations come from? Who invented naming and classifying generations? We were kids too. Moreover we were happy kids. Nobody described us with letters, maybe that’s why we were so happy. We couldn't get along with our parents too. We never liked their thoughts. Of course we knew the most and correct. However, it never occurred to us to separate and put a letter over our generation. We used to think innocently that we were ahead of our parents. Then somehow somebody thought the idea of putting barriers between generations. Brilliant! The last point where the “divide, shred, manage” method becomes. After dividing over races, religions, languages, nationalities, now we divide humanity through generations. Can you believe it; The problems of generation x were different from those of generation z. Moreover, if you are unaware of these, it is not possible for you to understand the children and the youth. What's more! How can we regard these as ordinary realities or a natural point in the evolution of man, I can not understand at all. The problem I can identify is: That we are disunite with the mirrors. By saying us, i mean the humanity. Instead of turning and looking at ourselves in a mirror, shaking and coming to ourselves, we are buried ourselves in the screens of mobile devices. The heads of ours that embedded in screens are wonderfully comfortable in there. Moreover, we think that we are a social like never before! We believe what they say on the screens, no worries, no cares. In the screens there is no war, no starvation, no refugee influx, no economic crisis, no unemployment, no educational problems, no America - China trade wars, no Australia's burning forests, no melting glaciers, so why anybody care about these? While there are a lot of serious issues to worry about! We have also made one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind, we have found a way to silence the misbehaving children: Since the fire was used for cooking, the most important invention of mankind is the use of the phone in child education. People think that giving phone in the hands of a child gives them a peace of mind! But this is also a guaranteed way of putting impenetrable barriers between generations and raising screen-dependent children. You may say "Well, what does all this have to do with puppets?". I have no intentions to teach parents who think that the healthiest way to communicate with their children is to send messages from WhatsApp. I just have a slightly different proposition: Bring your kids to a puppet show, listen the real problems of humanity from the puppets together. If possible, bring the older generations to show as the audience. After watching a puppet show that everyone enjoys together, you will see that there are no impenetrable cliffs between generations. Moreover, the problems of humanity are not unsolvable. Maybe we can find the solutions hand in hand with the puppets.