Puppets, the guide to our dreams…

While going through the program details of this year’s festival, I recalled Einstein’s words. Let’s start this year’s festival with a quotation from Einstein: “Imagination is worth more than knowledge”. Hearing those words from someone who dedicated his life to science and producing scientific knowledge, makes them more meaningful. What is it that makes imagination more valuable than knowledge? As for Einstein, since all we know and all we comprehend are somehow limited, it is the imagination that embraces all lives and all people. This approach impresses us all but we, as the people who are engaged in puppetry, have some more to add on that.  It shall not be wrong to claim that puppeteers know imagination better than any other artists as this branch of art establishes its existence on imagination of the audience more than any other field of art. A puppetry artist has to inspire the audience with lifeless objects and make them believe that they are alive and are a part of the world we live in. And his success depends only on his achievement quotient and all other art related, factors of success are assessed only after this achievement. This success also and in a way indirectly aims to improve imagination. Every puppet performance is a journey to imagination and its strongest connection with its audience is built on dreams. A puppet performance can be successful only if the imagination of its audience is strong enough. Unfortunately, it gets more and more difficult to perform to spectators whom they can connect with, understand each other and believe that together they can change the world, especially if they are older in age, as imagination is not considered as a value in today’s world and it is destroyed at young ages if not at childhood, and replaced with prevailing elements. That’s why more people in each passing day believe that puppet shows are for kids, and its impact of reminding a being his merits and own power, which have continued for hundreds of years is not well understood anymore. On the other hand, it is possible to observe enhancing effect of puppetry on imagination in some nations, mostly known as the “well-developed” ones, which cherish puppet art. Taking advantage of puppets as a play-mate to the kids, as an educational tool at school, a communication tool for pedagogical use, a method to improve artistic skills shall enable future generations to have a better imagination to make the world a better place. We should never forget this one thing; no one can achieve big unless he imagines big. The biggest success comes only after the dreams which seem impossible to come true. Let the puppets guide your imagination

Selcuk Dincer (Festival Director)