Kooshi Mooshi

Country: IRAN
Time: 45 Minutes
Age: 5+
Language: Turkish

Mooshi is a little mouse whose family has moved into a new apartment. They become friends with the little rabbit Kooshi, who is also living in the same apartment. Their other neighbour is the irritating Mrs. Crow. One night, a Snake breaks into their apartment to steal some things. Kooshi and Mooshi are trying to devise a plan to make the snake run away from the house and… Participating in our festival from Iran with this charming show which will be performed in Turkish presents us the rules of living together in an apartment or a society in a pleasant, fairy tale-like way.

12 March 14.00 (İzmir Sanat) 20 TL. - Buy Ticket

13 March 14.00 (Özel Ege Lisesi)

14 March 11.00 – 14.00 (Torbalı Belediyesi Konferans Salonu)

15 March 14.00 (Doğa Okulları Mavişehir 2 Kampüsü)