Carnival of the Animal

Country: ENGLAND
Time: 60 Minutes
Age: 4+
Language: Non Verbal

Show of Finger and Thumb is entirely a product of creative collaboration. When a humble pianist and a star kazoo player (originated in Africa, a small wind instrument made from bamboo) take the stage for an important resital, shadows show them that working together is such a good way to create a wonderful performance. Most beloved composition of Camille Saint-Saëns played by a pianist combined with the visual magic of Drew Colby’s hand shadows result in a fascinating, fun and mysterious performance. We urge you not to miss this impressive show.

14 March 11.00 (İzmir Sanat) 20 TL. - Buy Ticket

15 March 00.00 (Ekin Koleji – Ataşehir Kampüsü)

15 March 00.00 (Ekin Koleji – Seyrek Kampüsü)

16 March 11.00 (İzmir Sanat) 20 TL. - Buy Ticket