Little Wolf Minski and His Friends (Kabaré Púpala Marionettes )

Country: Germany
Time: 45 Minutes
Age: 5+
Language: Non Verbal

Kabaré Púpala is a very entertaining show where many different puppet characters appear with funny sketches and short stories about everyday life. This performance consists of a range of sketches with puppets for all ages, from the youngest audience to adults. Little wolf Minski and his sidekick, puppeteer Thomas Herfort, are two close friends. They're always joking with the audience, and also introducing their funny friends. Who are, a shy musician rabbit, a pair of mice who will perform acrobatic moves on audience’s hands, a chicken playing with balls, the most beautiful belly dancer in the world, a skeleton who is in love, and countless live and colorful puppets come to life on this stage. The interactive show, which becomes more colorful with participation of the audience in the performance, is waiting for you in every corner of the city.

March 9th 15.30 ( İzban Girişi - Karşıyaka)

March 11th 17.00 ( Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. İsmail Sivri Heykeli Önü -Alsancak)

March 12th 17.00 ( Sevgi Yolu-Bayraklı)

March 13th 17.00 ( Kasaplar Meydanı-Çiğli)

March 14th 17.00 ( Denizatı Heykeli Önü - Göztepe)

March 15th 17.00 ( Büyük Park-Bornova)

March 16th 15.30 ( Konak Meydanı Metro Çıkışı)