Happy Birthday (Eva Kaufmann)

Country: Germany
Time: 40 Minutes
Age: 3+
Language: Non Verbal

Today is Lisa’s birthday. Lisa curiously starts unpacking the colorful gift packs that has been given to her. But what is that? A crazy chicken jumps out one of the boxes. And what is in the other boxes? An incredible surprise! A jolly baby is grinning at her. However, this cute baby becomes a heavy burden on Lisa, as now; she can’t even have a minute for herself anymore. She tries her best to calm the shrieking baby but to no avail. The baby screams, cries, poops and still looks very discomforted. What a mess! A zany play about being young and about being older, about children and their parents. Joyful moments await the audience both young and old at this show, where the hardships of the first few years of the childhood are being featured.

01 Mart 11.00 ve 14.00 (Gaziemir Atatürk Kültür Merkezi)

02 Mart 11.00 (İzmir Sanat) 25 TL.

03 Mart 14.00 (Han Tiyatrosu) 25 TL.