The Showman

Country: Brazil
Time: 45 Minutes
Age: Aile Oyunu
Language: Non Verbal

Artist Guga Morales, who had taken training on wizardry, juggling and street theater at Brazil National Circus School, has a great fame especially in South America with his circus acts in which he balances plates at the tips of sharp knives and a ball at the pointed side of a cone. After Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Equator, Colombia, French Guiana and Italy, artist who is always blending his performances with comedy, is now looking forward to meet with Turkish audience.

10 Mart 14.30 ve 18.00 (Balçova Kipa AVM )

11 Mart 13.00 ve 16.00 (Çiğli Kipa AVM)

13 Mart 13.30 ve 20.00 (Beydağ Belediyesi Düğün Salonu)