A Button in my Head (Thalias Kompagnons )

Country: Argentina / Chile
Time: 50 Minutes
Age: 5+
Language: Turkish

Having lost his mother and father in a traffic accident, Clott is living with his grandpa alongside his sister Juana. Clott has a red button on his head since birth. This button makes him unique. His sister Juana and best friend Luchito mock the button on his head. Clott can only find his peace when he is with his grandpa. He wishes, more than anything, not to have a button and to be normal. However, what does being normal mean? How one can be normal? Will Clott manage to be normal? Or will he finally grasp the beauty in being unique? Traditional hand puppet technique is featured alongside a modern dramaturgy and stage design in this performance. We urge you not to miss this unique, universal and philosophical show.

14 Mart 11.00 (19 Mayıs Ortaokulu)

15 Mart 11.00 (Mimar Sinan İlkokulu)

16 Mart 11.00 (İzmir Sanat) 25 TL.

17 Mart 15.00 (Han Tiyatrosu) 25 TL.