Fun in the Woods (Burgas State Puppet Theatre)

Country: Bulgaria
Time: 40 Minutes
Age: 3 - 10
Language: Non Verbal

How about having fun with lovely animals in the woods? Let's start the magical show where the turtles and the bears dance, the hippos sing, and the frogs are doing ballet. A funny talent contest held in the woods is going on splendidly and funnily until the crows’ orchestra get involved. Let's not tell the rest of the show so the magic will stay. In the meantime, all the animals participating in the competition are very demanding. Who do you think will win this most interesting contest of the world? Founded in 1954 as a professional theater for children, the Burgas Puppet Theater gained ‘State Theater’ status in 1962. Since then, they staged so many tales that are among the classics of Bulgarian and world children literature.

06 Mart 11.00 ve 14.00 (Bornova Kültür Merkezi)

07 Mart 11.00 ve 14.00 (Kınık Mustafa Kemal İlkokulu)

08 Mart 11.00 ve 14.00 (Aliağa Kültür Merkezi)

09 Mart 11.00 ve 14.00 (Çiğli Kültür Merkezi)

10 Mart 20.00 (D.E.Ü. Eğitim Fakültesi Konferans Salonu)

11 Mart 11.00 – 14.00 (Turuncu Koleji)