More than Magic (Theatre Trio)

Country: Bulgaria
Time: 30 Minutes
Age: 5+
Language: Non Verbal

Do you like magic? What about comedy? Then we invite you to attend this show. You will not believe your eyes while watching this show. In this show you will witness a magic contest of a magician and a puppeteer turning into a crazy comedy with the clumsy and confused behavior of the assistant between the two. Once again, a joyful and interesting show from the Theater Trio. We recommend you not to miss this fun-filled show.

01 Mart 17.00 ( Kasaplar Meydanı - Buca)

02 Mart 17.00 ( Dominik Cad.- Alsancak)

03 Mart 15.30 ( Konak Meydanı Kemeraltı Girişi)

05 Mart 17.00 (Bornova Meydanı)

06 Mart 17.00 ( Sevgi Yolu - Bayraklı)

07 Mart 17.00 ( Kasaplar Meydanı - Çiğli)

08 Mart 17.00 (Denizatı Heykeli Önü - Göztepe)

09 Mart 17.00 ( Küçük Park-Bornova)