Tiny Ocean (The Train Theater)

Country: Israel
Time: 50 Minutes
Age: 3 - 8
Language: Turkish

Join us and let’s create an ocean with 2 actresses, 3 aquariums and a bunch of fabrics and experience the adventure that tells its story. What lives in the depths of the ocean? Singing shellfish, a golden stingray, a naughty jellyfish, an enormous and gentle orange fish and countless marine species. Actresses are sailing a ship in the water. A storm breaks out and the ship sinks. In the meanwhile, 2 fish are seen near the wreck; one red, one silver. Actresses take these two fish on an adventure towards a treasure that is inside the shipwreck. Fun moments await the ones who wants to be a part of this interesting adventure.

08 Mart 11.00 - 14.00 (Han Tiyatrosu) 25 TL.

09 Mart 11.00 – 14.00 (İzmir Sanat) 25 TL.