Little Blue and Little Yellow

Country: Slovenia
Time: 40 Minutes
Age: 5+
Language: Non Verbal

Little Blue and Little Yellow are close friends. They go to school and play games together. One day blue and yellow hug each other and become green. Their families can’t recognize them because they are changed. They both get very upset. Through a dynamic interplay of colors, the show makes the audiences of all ages face many important questions about friendship, identity, themselves and others. The production is an adaptation of world-renowned designer, illustrator and graphic artist Leo Lionni’s same titled children’s book. Artist’s picture books are known for their theme’s maintained continuity, simple lines and striking collages. Four of Leo Lionni’s books are awarded Caldecott prize, an annual award for the best children’s picture book in United States. We urge you not to miss this book’s enchanting performance which hasn’t been translated into Turkish.

11 Mart 12.00 (İzmir Sanat) 25 TL.

12 Mart 11.00  - 14.00 (Han Tiyatrosu) 25 TL.

13 Mart 11.00 – 14.00 (Han Tiyatrosu) 25 TL.