Jovan (Boxart - Nedelina Roselinova )

Country: Greece
Time: 25 Minutes
Age: 7+
Language: Non Verbal

Do you like the music genre Rembetico, which is created in the 1920’s by the Greek folk musicians immigrated from Turkey? If so this show is certainly for you. Jovan, a contemporary Rembetico artist, is the hero of our story. He makes his coffee everyday and begins playing his beloved bouzouki. This is a daily ritual of Jovan. However, this time, things do not go as they always do. We will see that behind Jovan’s rebellious personality, he also has a passion for different music genres as well. In the performance full of Aegean tunes, you will be delighted with old Jovan’s performance, who is constantly in interaction with the audiences. 

06 Mart 20.30 (Kıbrıs Şehitleri İsmail Sivri Heykeli Önü )

07 Mart 20.30 (Bornova Küçük Park)

08 Mart 20.30 (Karşıyaka Çarşı)

09 Mart 20.00 (Bornova Metro Çıkışı)

10 Mart 17.00 (Konak Sevgi Yolu)