Varietà Prestige (Francesca Zoccarato )

Country: Italy
Time: 35 Minutes
Age: 5+
Language: Non Verbal

Here is Mizzie, a charming female clown in petticoat. She will lead you in her own world made of retro fantasies, surreal manias and real dreams. Next to her, her wooden partners, innocent looking marionettes will accompany her. But, who is actually manipulating? Who is the real protagonist of this performance? Only time will tell. The puppeteer clown Mizzie takes the audience with musical jokes to the magical cabaret world. Performance is already a tribute to the world of cabaret. Come on, let's go through this magnificent world and go after our guide Mizzie.

February 28th 17.00 (Forbes Cad. - Buca)

March 1st 17.00 ( Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. İsmail Sivri Heykeli Önü - Alsancak)

March 2nd 15.30 ( Konak Meydanı Metro Çıkışı)

March 4th 17.00 (Bornova Meydanı)

March 5th 17.00 ( Sevgi Yolu - Bayraklı)

March 6th 17.00 ( Vapur İskelesi - Konak)

March 7th 17.00 ( Denizatı Heykeli Önü - Göztepe)

March 8th 17.00 ( Büyük Park-Bornova)