Once Upon a Foot (Teatro Dei Piedi )

Country: Italy
Time: 45 Minutes
Age: 7+
Language: Non Verbal

There are people with many talents, artist Laura Kibel is one of them. Kibel is a violinist, director, stage and costume designer, and most important of all, a puppeteer who rediscovered the foot theater that includes the art of mim and puppet. She is a phenomenon with her black costume and the hand-painted old-fashion suitcases, depicting pictures of paintings of famous painters on the stage. In front of your eyes, Laura's feet, knees, legs and hands turn into expressive faces, funny, courageous, sometimes painful, fighting and entertaining characters. The stories that come from a small suitcase, each of them belonging to her, are expressing everything about human. From traditional to classical music, from simple melodies to the most sophisticated ones, performance is a visual as well as auditory feast. You must watch Laura Kibel, the veteran of the foot theater, which becomes more popular every year and performed all over the world stage by numerous artists.

March 9th 13.00 and 16.00 (Çiğli Kipa AVM)

March 10th 14.30 and 18.00 (Balçova Kipa AVM)