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From the beginning of time, men has created shadows that give life to characters by using their bodies and hands. Thousands of years ago, people began to travel the world, taking the color of every culture…


Shadows of Cinema (Argentina)

Cia Sombras Chinas

The story of Treasure Island, a one-man and non-verbal puppet performance, is based on the adventures of epic heroes. But in this story, our hero is an 11-year-old boy, Jim. This brave and adventurous…


Treasure Island (Brazil)

O Que De Que

A visual performance combining classic sand-art technique with stop-motion animation. The art of sand, which is very popular in the world in recent years, consists of figures and their story created by…


Born in Sand (Bulgaria)

Boxart - Nedelina Roselinova

Colorful costumes, lively music, glamorous acting… A visual, audial and enjoyable show which provokes you into serious thinking while laughing, touches you while thinking and enchants you with…


Here, There & Everywhere (Bulgaria)

Theatre Trio

Burgaz State Puppet Theater is here again with a masterful performance which will be enjoyed by the young audience. Frida, the protagonist of our game, decides to prepare a nice dinner for her mother.…


How Delicious! (Bulgaria)

Burgas State Puppet Theatre

It's late. Time to go to bed. But sleeping is the last thing in our mind… The bed is not comfortable, the pillow has its own opinion on all matters, the cover is too short, the pyjama is chasing…


Goodnight (Canada)

Theatre Puzzle

Our story takes place in the solitude of North Pole with very long summer days and winter nights. In winter, which lasts almost whole year, everything is covered with snow and ice, and the whole land…


Umka is a Polar Bear Cub (Estonia)

Theater Projekt

A great show where mime and acrobatics are blended with sitcom. Founded in 1998 by Amandine Barillon and Ivan Chary, La Compagnie du Petit Monsieur is known with their performances searching for oddities…


Two Seconds! (France)

Cie Du Petit Monsieur

In a town where the water level begins to rise, the people begin to build unique houses. Each time, the inhabitants of flooded houses build a new floor on top of their houses. Therefore, they form underwater…


The House of Small Cubes (France)

Cie Spectabilis

Are you looking for a puppet phenomenon? Please welcome, Pepe! A theater stage that walks towards the crowd and a character that will astonish you very much on stage. You will be amazed at his talents…


The Cabin of Pépé (France)

Compagnie Theatres De Marionnettes

Kabaré Púpala is a very entertaining show where many different puppet characters appear with funny sketches and short stories about everyday life. This performance consists of a range of…


Little Wolf Minski and His Friends (Germany)

Kabaré Púpala Marionettes

“I need more space,” says White. “Go on,” replies Black encouragingly, “then I can use it to draw on.” “But don’t go over the top,” cries White, “otherwise,…


Jet Black and Lily White (Germany)

Thalias Kompagnons

The creator is sitting at his small work table and playing with clay. What will he make this time? What life is hidden in a lump of clay? Dream-like landscapes? Exotic plants? Magical creatures, monsters,…


Clay, Play and Monkeyshines (Germany)

Thalias Kompagnons

For the first time in our festival we are hosting a company from Hong Kong. The interactive performance adapted from the author Jorge Lu Yang's illustrated children's book "Oh, paper boat!",…


Paper Boat (Hong Kong )

Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education

The puppeteer Bence Sarkadi, who will join our festival from Hungary, has been on the streets and scenes of six continents since 1999, when he started his puppet performances and he has won prestigious…


The Budapest Marionettes (Hungary)

Bence Sarkadi Theater of Marionettes

A cute performance about a man and a woman who want to write a story. They drift, swim, dive in, swallow, argue a lot, but somehow they can't decide what the story is. They're very close to each…


The Hungry Sandwich (Israel)

The Train Theater

Here is a two-person circus traveling around the world with their tiny tent. In this fun performance featuring clowns, music and strange spells, the clown of the circus will amaze the audience with a…


Zirk Comedy (Italy)

Compagnie Lannutti & Corbo

Everybody is looking for their treasure: the little goat is looking for the best hay, the man in love is looking for the woman of his dreams, the woman of his dreams is looking for the little goat and…


Mäh! (Italy)

Eva Sotriffer Puppet Theatre

Here is Mizzie, a charming female clown in petticoat. She will lead you in her own world made of retro fantasies, surreal manias and real dreams. Next to her, her wooden partners, innocent looking marionettes…


Varietà Prestige (Italy)

Francesca Zoccarato

The performance consists of a series of sketches that are musical and independent of each other, and the sketches consist of funny, lyrical and acrobatic performances. While the artist entertains, she…


Under the Strings (Italy)

Nadia Imperio

There are people with many talents, artist Laura Kibel is one of them. Kibel is a violinist, director, stage and costume designer, and most important of all, a puppeteer who rediscovered the foot theater…


Once Upon a Foot (Italy)

Teatro Dei Piedi

Creating live paintings on the stage, this dramatic performance consists of paintings of the famous painter Caravaggio who lived in Naples in the first half of the 17th century. Soft drapes and tense…


Tableaux Vivants (Italy)

Teatri 35

An impressive performance which has been renewed every year since 1993, met with thousands of spectators at the world scene, it has been staged hundreds of times with success. In this ageless show which…


Alto Livello (Italy)


Are you ready for a show as light as the flight of a feather, exciting and as powerful as the rhythm of a heart? The company of Remo Di Filippo and Rhoda Lopez attracts the audience with the simplicity…


Hanging by a Thread (Italy-Australia)

Di Filippo Marionette

Senmaru, the Japanese artist who has been invited to festivals, television shows and talent competitions all over the world, is now meeting with the audience of Izmir. Our artist is an Edo-Daikagura performer.…


Edo Daikagura (Japan)


You've never seen the Aesop's fables like this before. There is a narrator in the performance who introduces the tales and explains the performance to the audience. The narrator is constantly…


In the World of Fables (Macedonia)

Children's Theater Center Skopje

An award-winning performance that takes the audience to a different world. A world of changes in which nothing is as it appears and everything can become something else. Right before the audience’…


Rusty Nails and Other Heroes (Netherlands)

TAMTAM Objektentheater

Love is the greatest mystery which humanity cannot solve. Our performance is following this secret. Alfred is abandoned by his girlfriend Rose and became lonely. So what went wrong in this relationship?…


Because I Love You (Norway)


If you think he is just a puppet, you're wrong. It is the world-renowned magician Osvaldo Drevno who astonishes the audience with incredible magic and illusions. Instead of having an ordinary assistant,…


Kukuryku (Poland)

Ola Muchin

We cannot often manage to see the beautiful sides of what surrounds us. However, with the touch of an angel, things can easily become clear and beautiful, as if they were magic. The Street of Angels,…


The Street of Angels (Romania)

PUCK Puppet Theater

Viktor Antonov invites you to the magical world of string puppets. At this fascinating show, which leaves an unforgettable, delicious flavor, the heroes on the strings carry all the excitement and entertainment…


Circus on the Strings (Russia)

Viktor Antonov

Little dinosaur Igu lives in a cruel world where everyone is trying to eat each other. One day an unexpected wind brings a strange object like an egg, to his home. Igu decides not to eat the egg, but…


The Dinosaur Named Igu (Russian)

Theatre ‘Privet!’

A unique performance for all ages from Nikolai Zykov, who performed puppet shows in more than 40 European, Asian, African, North and South American countries with his award-winning one-man performance.…


Moscow Marionettes (Russian)

Nikolai Zykov

Two mischievous players of the game invite us to a delightful sketchy world, and they are thrown into their first sea adventure with a small sea turtle. What will happen to them in this beautiful but…


Woogie Boogie (South Korea)

Brush Theatre

Just before the Korean war, a boy named Dolie and his family were living in a small town in South Korea. In the spring break, Dolie's father bought her a cute little calf. Dolie was shocked to see…


My Dear Little Calf (South Korea)

INS Puppet Theatre Lab

A huge world created by two skillful hands and a sewing basket, and the unique lives are born from it. The characters of the story are born, they grow, they reproduce and they die in front of our eyes.…


Life (Spain)

Javier Aranda Company

All of us, especially children, feel uneasy with fear when we don't know or understand something. The same thing happens to Mercedes. Mercedes and the ghost Anselmo live in the same house. One day,…


The Case of the Percussionist Ghost (Spain)

La Gotera De Lazotea

Midas the King of Phrygia, who was chosen as the referee in a music competition between Apollon and Pan, decides on Pan's superiority. Apollo, who resented Midas, turns the king's ears into donkey's…


The Ears of Midas (Turkey)

Bodrum Deneme Sahnesi

Karagöz who is involved in a fight between two lovers in the neighborhood, is punished by the grandparents of the lovers. Things become hectic when Karagöz also drives Hacivat into trouble,…


Witches (Turkey)

İstanbul & Sakarya Karagöz Evi

Shahmaran, one of the oldest tales of Anatolian culture, is also the story of a poor peasant called Camsap. One day in the woods, Camsap finds a well filled with honey. He goes to the forest with his…


Shahmaran (Turkey)

İzmir Devlet Tiyatrosu

A known Anatolian tale becomes one of the original examples of storytelling. A husband and his wife who don't have children, while eating chickpeas one day, say ‘I wish one of these was our…


Chickpea Boy (Turkey)

İzmir Devlet Tiyatrosu

Hacivat, tells to Karagöz that the rumor has been wandering all around the neighborhood that he is a liar. He also believes that for various reasons and therefore he leaves him, saying he would not…


Liar Righteous (Turkey)

Şeyler Kukla ve Obje Tiyatrosu

A children’s musical which has a whole new promise and speaks to the world of imagination. Without being didactic, the 'Limitless', which offers to children a fun and moving way, stands…


Limitless (Turkey)

Tiyatro Oyun Kutusu

Is that crazy little thing called Joy making fun of our pompous seriousness? Is it saying that you are the only one making things difficult under an invented, pretended, imposed reality, or what? Nope!…


Joy (Turkey)

Duygu Bayar Ekren

The Little Prince, written by Antoine De Saint Exupery in 1943, has been translated into more than 250 languages and dialects as one of the most widely published work in the field of literature and has…


Little Prince (Turkey)

Atlas Sanat Tiyatrosu