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Argentinean artist Roberto White stages the events taking place in a very special house by using object theatre and clown art. The performance which the children and adults of all ages will watch with…



Roberto White

A crazy story about a journey decorated with humor and magic. A castaway fish falls into the teapot of a humorous woman who lives a routine life between her job and her house. A fun and exciting adventure…


Maritime (BELGIUM)

Compagnie le Petit Delices

An absurd madness for the whole family! A man and a woman from the cleaning company starts cleaning the stage of the theatre with; a broom, wash cloth, mop, equipment basket and a vacuum… However,…


Oetsie Poetsie (BELGIUM)

Figurentheater Vlinders & C

Another fun-filled and educational performance by Burgas State Puppet Theatre. Welcome to Squirrel Max and his friend Little Badger’s fun game. Collecting the necessary materials to get through…


Max the Squirrel (BULGARIA)


Sometimes the adults forget; that they were once children as well. They too did love to daydream, ask questions and seek for answers. Just like children do now. Could the adults maybe speak the language…




The performance opens the colorful world of a clown and displays that how beautiful things can be made even with the most little of effort and how to be happy with unexpected things. How good would it…



Theatre Trio

Giant puppets are in Izmir! It is impossible not to be amazed by these lovely and giant puppets that can suddenly bump into you on the streets. Would you like to be the jury for these dancer puppets that…


Puppet Stars (BULGARIA)


There are no limits for the highly talented. They always feel a desire to participate in competitions and prove that they can do best. Everyone in the audience will become witnesses to a very amusing…


Amazing Concert (BULGARIA)


“One for all, all for one!” You immediately understood what we will be watching after reading this familiar saying, didn’t you? Three Musketeers, the immortal story of Alexander Dumas’,…


Three Musketeers (CZECH REPUBLIC)


Magic, acrobatics and fun on a rose-pink stage. Have you ever wished for pigs to have wings? Or, have you ever watched a circus in which the heroes are little piggies? Performance invites the audience…



The Trick Brothers

If you seek amusement, what you are about to see is just for you. Having a well-deserved fame by creating an almost perfectly hilarious and at the same time a very thrilling show, Men in Coats are in…


Men in Coats (ENGLAND)

Men in Coats

Show of Finger and Thumb is entirely a product of creative collaboration. When a humble pianist and a star kazoo player (originated in Africa, a small wind instrument made from bamboo) take the stage…


Carnival of the Animal (ENGLAND)

Finger and Thumb Theatre

The story of a daydreamer! A must see performance in the table puppet technique with unique visuals! In show’s saddening story based on allegorical characters and what they go through make us realize…


Vagabundo (FRANCE)

Compagnie Areski

A black and white universe between the infinity and the minimal, from birth to death… Millefeuilles is a game created from paper. A common ground between the animated book universe and the contemporary…


Millefeuilles (FRANCE)

Compagnie Areski

Are you looking for a wonder of puppet? Behold Pépé! A theatre stage walks toward the crowd and a character that will surprise you on it. You will be amazed by Pépé while he…


The Cabin of Pépé (FRANCE)

Compagnie Theatres De Marionnettes

In a world where everything is backwards, the author becomes a part of his story. He falls in love with the lead actress of the fairy tale. Now, forget everything you know and settle in comfortably to…


Didi’s Son (GERMANY)

Dirty Granny Tales

“Extraordinary Voyage” is a fun-filled show appealing to audiences of all ages. Designed as a journey all around the world, the show is a mixture of puppetry, music and dance. Audience simply…


Extraordinary Voyage (GERMANY)

The Fifth Wheel Marionettes

“Moments” is a musical show consisting of clown skits in which the artists combine marionettes with different types of music. The naturality of the puppets create an engaging atmosphere full…


Moments (GREECE)

Baruti Teatro

Having amazed various audiences all around the world with their performance consisting of four chapters, Dolls Theatre is now preparing to captivate the audience of Izmir with their puppets, music and…


Taming of the Wild (INDIA)

Dolls Theatre

Mooshi is a little mouse whose family has moved into a new apartment. They become friends with the little rabbit Kooshi, who is also living in the same apartment. Their other neighbour is the irritating…


Kooshi Mooshi (IRAN)

Mica Art Group

Two clowns accidentaly knock the sun down from the sky and into the sea! What are they going to do now? In order to save the world from eternal darkness they embark on a journey upon a small boat across…


That Round Thing (ISRAEL)

Davai Group

You have never experienced this kind of fun… The show you are about to see is not only brilliant but also astonishing. Laura Kibel tells her stories with her character which she creates by using…


Gone with the Feet (ITALY)

Laura Kibel Company

Seven beautiful puppets, each one more beautiful than the other, and seven short stories… Stories narrate various emotions stemming from our choices in love, friendship and life to the audience…


Wonderful Stories (ITALY)

Teodor Borisov

Envious of the happy lives of the warrior Tahiro and his family, evil sorcerer Karura steals the beauty of Tahiro’s wife and kidnaps their son Aki and transforms him into a dragon. Tahiro, with…


Dragon (ROMANIA)

Ciufulici Puppet Theater Ploiesti

Two men and their guide embark on a dangerous journey to the center of the Earth, which all the scientific data suggests is in an incandescent state, by geting through the crater of a volcano. The performance…


Journey to the Center of the Earth (ROMANIA)

Gulliver Puppet Theatre

The tradition, which we have begun last year, of the youngest audiences of our festival watching puppet shows with their parents continues this year as well. “I Create the World” consists…


I Create the World (RUSSIAN)

House of Funny Bell

An interesting story about an adolescent girl. Mignone is a strange, stubborn and pessimistic youngster who lives within her secluded and lonely world. She is living in a cupboard full of strange and…


Mignone (RUSSIAN)

Mr. Pejo’s Wandering Dolls

Little Prince is the most read book of the world where the world of the grown ups is narrated from the perspective of a child. Who is actually the Little Prince or what is really being told in the story?…


Little Prince (RUSSIAN)

Theatre at Narva Gates

A classic Papelito performance; which means creating something from small paper pieces. Brane Solce creates various objects by cutting paper figures in front of the audience. In the performance which…


Watch the Birdy! (SLOVENIA)

Brane Solce

Dallae Story is based on a terrible fact which has been continuously experienced by humans since the very first time they started existing on the world: War! The performance is a puppet show that represents…


Dallae Story (SOUTH KOREA)

Art Stage SAN

A grandmother finds a bag while cleaning around. She opens the bag and starts to empty it with her husband, who just woke up. Once a highly talented magician, her husband is now turned into a regular…


Magic Puppet (SOUTH KOREA)


Born in Malaga, the Spanish illusionist Justo Thaus has had the desire to be a magician who can create unique characters since his young ages. After many shows he performed throughout the world he created…


The Grand Carlini (SPAIN)

Justo Thaus

One day, mother goat leaves her seven little goatlings at home on her way to the market with the condition of not opening the door to anyone. Warned for all kinds of outside dangers that may arrive, the…


Seven Goatlings (SPAIN)

Los Claveles Teatro

A simple, poetic and joyous performance. In the performance which is comprised of eight independent skits, puppets exhibit their almost human-like individual characteristics through various motions which…


Fragments (SPAIN)

Toni Zafra Teatro De Marionetas

Aurelio is one of the many, invisible old men around us. “SoloS” is a lovely look to his life through the key hole of his house. The last cake order from Aurelio’s bakery was years ago.…



Ymedio Teatro

One of the masters of the traditional Turkish Shadow Play, Hasan Hüseyin Karabağ is meeting with the audience of Izmir again. Being involved in the fight of two lovers from the same neighbourhood,…


Twin Witches (TURKEY)

İstanbul & Sakarya Karagöz Evi

We are inviting our young audiences into a wonderful adventure with the puppet characters of the show. This performance where the audience is also a part of is festivals production and the continuation…


Treasure Hunt on the Island of Mysterious Scents (TURKEY)

İzmir Kukla Tiyatrosu

Being one of the examples of Traditional Turkish Puppetry, Ibis hand puppet does not get the attention it deserves and even almost took its place among the forgotten arts. Not only these educational and…


Ibis Hotel Keeper (TURKEY)

Ramiz Balakin

Two siblings, Toprak and Inci are very bored at home. They decide to do the composing a tale homework of Inci and her classmate Efe’s together. Toprak, who is attending a puppet class, has a brilliant…


Turunc’s Garden (TURKEY)

Tiyatro Gülgeç

“What a whole lot of people whom we cannot wake up from their sleep” said Antoine de Saint Exupery… He wrote Little Prince for a few to be able to wake up while they are still as a…


Little Prince (TURKEY)

TOBAV İzmir Şubesi Çocuk Tiyatrosu

Wet Blanket is the short story of friendship, sharing and struggling together. One day, Jumbo wanted to be friends with a child he encountered, who he does not know, while he was passing down the road.…


Wet Blanket (TURKEY)

Vol:5 Çocuk

An extraordinary performance that explores the wisdom and strength of women with handmade puppets, ingenious acting, unique stage design and original compositions. Inspired from Marcel Proust’s…


Unfolding (USA)

Margarita Blush